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To learn more about More-Bees click the links above. Our site is filled with humor and information about bees. To support our activates you can purchase our products threw the products link. You can register and become a member and get E-mail up dates. There is more to come.




Welcome to More-bees.com

More-bees was started following the impact of Colony Collapse Disorder. Our fruit production was significant impacted form missing pollinators and we decided to start to raise our own bees. Bees can be quite

Bee hive with bees flying

enjoyable creatures to raise. They are very productive and much like people have differing behaviors and temperaments.S More-bees goal include increasing pollination locally and regionally by raising bees in a managed and controlled manor. One benefit to raising bees is that we produce local honey and from our pollination activates we obtain varietal honey.

Challenges that face bees

Bees face a verity of challenges hindering their survival. Colony collapse disorder is a major one. It is believed that we now know the causes of this problem. There has been quite a bit of damage form it both to wild bees and to managed colonies. It can be combated by medication and controlled averments but in learning about it there have been other bee illnesses that have been identified. Mites Veronal and tracheal are primary parasites for bees. The live off the bees and are transmitted from bee to bee.


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